Ty Rauber is a freelance web / mobile application developer and open-source contributor, utilizing Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 to build standard-compliant web applications with cross-browser / cross-mobile support.


  • Ruby on Rails Web Application Development
  • Ruby, PHP, Javascript Scripting
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Web Design
  • Digital Photography and 2K/4K Video Production


  • sec_query - A ruby gem for querying the United States Securities and Exchange Commission Edgar System.
  • stock_quote - A ruby gem that retrieves real-time stock quotes from google.
  • browseTunes - 100% HTML5 / Javascript, iTunes-Compatible Media Player


Software Engineer, February - October 2012
  • Built a Rails 3 Geocoding Platform with PostGIS, PolyMaps and US Census Data to provide geospatial context.
  • Developed front-end interfaces and back-end functionality in a iterative, test-driven environment.
Freelance Web Development
Web Design & Development, 2006-Present
Dead Art Films & Red1331
Filmmaker/ Red One Operator,2004 - present
Digital Media On Demand, Inc. (DMOD), Boston, Massachusetts
Founder, President and CEO, 1997-2003
  • Invented the first system to commercially distribute secure mp3 music online
  • Authored a patent "to securely distribute digital media commercially over the Internet"
  • As Chairman of the Board, oversaw $22.5 million in investment from Greylock, Pilot House, Sage Hill and the Intel 64 Fund
  • As President and CEO, oversaw company expansion to 40 people in a regimented departmental structure


1996-1999, 2003-2004: Boston University
  • Completed an undergraduate degree in Film from Boston University‚Äôs College of Communication.

Ty Rauber's open-source code repositories are available on GitHub.com and his Ruby Gems are available through RubyGems.org. Got an interesting opportunity, idea or project? Contact Ty directly.